Google Feed API was retired, thus this project is broken. There are no plans to fix it.

jQuery Feeds

RSS/Atom aggregator with templating and cross-domain support


Rolling Stones social activity widget built with jQuery Feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr RSS feeds included.

Check the code

In your markup:

<script type="text/html" id="entryTmpl">
	<article class="<!=source!> entry">
			<a class="link" href="<!=feedLink!>" title="<!=feedDescription!>"><!=feedTitle!></a>
			<span class="publishedDate"><!=publishedDate!></span>
		<p class="author"><!=author!></p>
		<div class="content"><!=content!></div>

In your script:

	feeds : {
		facebook : '',
		twitter : '',
		pinterest : '',
		tumblr : ''
	preprocess : function(feed) {
		// Using moment.js to diplay dates as time ago
		this.publishedDate = moment(this.publishedDate).fromNow();
	entryTemplate : 'entryTmpl',
	onComplete : function(entries) {
		$(this).find('a').attr('target', '_blank');

Check the source code of this page for more information.